» History

Carpol launched its operations in October 1996.

The company’s beginnings were modest, with five people working in a small workshop in Ursus. The breakthrough came in 2000, when we moved to a larger site in Reguły and significantly increased our production department. With a growing number of orders, we increased the employment level. By creating an excellent team, we have built a leading position on the Polish market of vehicles transporting valuables.

The year 2000 was also important because it was the first time that we presented our products at the Budma International Fair in Poznan. The feedback we received was very positive, which enabled us to launch cooperation with such vehicle distributors in Poland as Citroën, Opel, Ford, and Toyota.
In subsequent years, we signed cooperation agreements with importers of most LCV brands marketed in Poland. For over eighteen years we have been developing and constantly searching for new technologies. We are continuously extending our product range to keep up with the rapidly expanding local market.

Budowa II Hali

Budowa Boiska

Przeprowadzka do Natolina


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