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Carpol Sp. z o.o. has for many years specialised in the conversion and upgrading of vehicles of different brands, adapting them to individual customer needs. In addition to the production and sale of bodies, we provide servicing and leasing of specialist vehicles.

We benefit from the essential equity capital, years of experience, modern technical facilities and highly qualified management and technical staff. We are able to carry out the most difficult orders ensuring timely completion and above all maintaining a high level of quality. We carry out each vehicle upgrading or conversion project in accordance with current regulations, providing appropriate documents for registration and road worthiness.

We are aware of the systematic progress in the automotive industry, production technology and sales methods, and in line with this we are constantly improving our qualifications, modernising our company and improving production technology, adapting it to the needs and requirements of car manufacturers and the users of our products. The Quality Management System we implemented and certified in 2004 has been adapted to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009, taking into account the current needs of our customers, regulatory requirements and business needs.


The Quality Management System is a continuous process of streamlining and improving the way that work is organised. We implement the Quality Policy consistently and on a daily basis referring to the strategic objectives:

  • expanding our markets,
  • expanding the product range,
  • improving infrastructure,
  • improving economic efficiency,
  • improving the organisation of work and increasing the pro-quality awareness of staff and constantly improving their qualifications.

We achieve our strategic objectives through operational objectives that are entered in activity catalogues. We systematically monitor the implementation of the Quality Policy and the efficient functioning of the QMS through internal audits and management reviews.

All CARPOL employees are required to know, apply and improve the Quality Management System. We believe that its effective functioning will benefit the company’s customers and all of us.


Natolin, 01.02.2015

Marzanna Stańczuk

(President of the Management Board)


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