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We know what you need, so we have developed all the technologies to make your reefer rigid, robust, easy to clean and, above all, airtight. We can offer you the ideal solution for transporting goods at a specific temperature.

A reefer for your business

Our reefer can be a loyal partner for companies in the food and beverage (including catering), food (butcher's fishmonger’s) and pharmaceutical industries, as well as FMCG, logistics and distributors of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Floor design

The floor is in shape of a bathtub. The curved sides on each wall guarantee 100% water tightness even during long and intensive use.

Depending on the profile of the company and your needs, we have smooth or anti-slip floors.

Production repeatability

Pressing in moulds gives us 100% repeatable production. If a vehicle is damaged, we can supply you with a replacement part for a quick exchange.

Inspection openings

Inspection openings will enable you to reach a damaged lock or burnt bulb without dismantling the entire structure.

Refrigerating unit

We can equip your body with a refrigerating unit or expand the original air conditioning. Depending on the service you provide, the temperature in the cargo compartment can be between 0 and 24˚C.



8 thermoformed elements – this is the backbone of our body. No unnecessary junctions.

ABS boards with PMMA surfaces are resistant to cleaning agents, which ensures sanitary safety in contact with food.

Fixing strips

If you need additional cargo fastening in our reefers, we can install fixing strips.

Choose the brand of your new reefer

We cooperate with many manufacturers to best suit your needs and requirements. Choose your brand and customise your vehicle using the configurator.

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